APTA Utah - Who & Why

Optimizing the Delivery of Physical Therapy in Utah

APTA Utah is a local chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association representing more than 1000 members. 

Who We Are

The mission of APTA Utah is to represent, promote and elevate physical therapy practice and build an inclusive community for clinicians to learn, grow and thrive.

Vision: Physical therapy is recognized as an invaluable profession that optimizes the health and well-being of Utah.

APTA Utah Strategic Plan 2023-2025: LINK

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Why Join APTA Utah

APTA Utah is a chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association, which represents more than 88,000 physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and students nationwide. The state of Utah has roughly 1000 members. Association membership is an investment in your professional and financial well-being.

Dues are:

$395 for Physical Therapists
$240 for Physical Therapist Assistants
$85 for PT and PTA students
Special dues structure for new professionals (In your first year after graduation, your dues are only one-third of regular dues).

What do you receive for your dues?

Membership is your connection to state resources.

  • Discounts on APTA Utah continuing education programs such as the Annual Fall Conference, Spring Conference and online courses.
  • Access to useful information in the restricted sections of the APTA and APTA Utah Websites.

What is APTA Utah doing for you?

While your membership investment may possibly return its cost value to you, another of the primary benefits is a voice in the future of the physical therapy profession in Utah. This voice is heard through the efforts of the association and its representatives regarding practice and reimbursement matters before the legislature and other state agencies. Below are just a few examples:

Patrolling, commenting, and lobbying to curtail efforts by other organizations who wish to pass legislation preventing physical therapists from working in the full scope of our practice.

  • In 2014, amended the Utah PT Practice act to allow Trigger Point Dry Needling by physical therapists in Utah with the proper training.
  • Continually battling and holding open discussions with various payer sources including insurance companies to oppose and, if needed, contest unfavorable fee schedules;
  • Stopped the application of the Medicare fee cap to workers‘ compensation;Work to pass an updated and more modern practice.
  • Your membership matters! We would not have been able to help make "Utah the Best State to Practice" for 6 years in a row without our members. 
  • Ability of physical therapists to order imaging including plain films and MRI
  • Clarification in the definition for mobilization/manipulation
  • Participation in the PT Compact Agreement
  • Ability for new graduates to practice sooner after graduation
  • Protecting the term neuromuscular response
  • Enacting the Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Fund and the Pediatric Neuro-Rehabilitation Fund.
  • Constantly defending encroachment of other professions and challenges to the practice of physical therapy and our practice act

Justin Carrier

Term: 2024-2026


Past President:
Darren Neeley

Term: 2024-2026


Vice President:
Sara Wallace

Term: 2024-2025


Lisa Milkavich

Term: 2024-2025


Dennis Langton
Term: 2022-2025


Katie Mansell
Executive Director


Continuing Education:
Greg Martinez 
Term: 2020-2024


Chad Tenney
Term: 2024-2025


Jordan Hobley
Term: 2024-2025


Public Relations:
Todd Taggart
Term: 2025-2025


Jordan West
Term: 2023-2025


Jonathan Wright
Term: 2023-2025


Digital Content:
Jacob Kap
Term: 2024-2025


PTA Representative:    
Jamie Christensen
Term: 2020-2024


Chief Delegate:
Howard Quackenbush
Term: 2023-2026


Stephanie Eliason
Term: 2024-2024


2024 APTA Utah Delegates

Howard Quackenbush, Chief Delegate
Misti Timpson
Cielita Lopez-Lennon
Derek Overly
Justin Carrier